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Oct 1, 2018

Rachel Perry and Amanda Holland began their entrepreneurial careers as party planning direct sales consultants selling jewelry through catalog parties, in-home parties, and online parties. They began selling their products online via Facebook and virtual parties long before online sales became a “thing” in the direct sales industry. Since then, they have worked, reworked, and perfected their formula for success and created an online platform to teach other direct sellers how to grow their businesses, make more money, and realize their dreams using their spam-free formula as their foundation. They became widely known as The Tag Team throughout the direct sales community.


Rachel and Amanda join me to talk about how they inject fun and margaritas into their business and how it has impacted their sales and business growth. They explain their process for consistently creating video content for their online audience and why they can sometimes be found dressed in costumes in their videos. They also share how Margarita Moments got started and how margaritas eventually became part of their brand.

“Every business should have something - a mascot if you will - that makes people think of them.” - Rachel Perry

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Rachel and Amanda got started in the direct sales industry
  • How Facebook jewelry parties doubled their sales
  • How The Tag Team business got started
  • How they built their audience through content creation
  • The process they use for consistently creating video content while living in different states
  • Why they include bloopers in their video content
  • Why they occasionally dress in costumes for their videos
  • How Jazzeline Party Queen made her debut and impacted their business
  • Using humor as a way to increase engagement and be more relatable to your audience
  • How long it takes them - from start to finish - to complete their video content process
  • How their video strategy has impacted the growth of their social media platforms
  • How using Facebook ads have impacted their business
  • Their most popular video
  • The connection between their video marketing strategy and their business growth
  • Why it’s important to identify your niche instead of trying to serve the masses
  • How they incorporated margaritas into their brand and how it impacted their business

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