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Jul 1, 2020

Have you ever envisioned something that then came true? 


Everything I achieved so far, I have envisioned first. I truly believe in the method of envisioning where I want to be to then be able to get there. 


Rachel Luna, my guest on the Sigrun Show this week, has specialised in designing her future by envisioning it...

Jun 24, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck? I certainly have, and in my 7 years of business I learned that in most cases, it’s because something that is going on in your head is holding you back. 

Feeling stuck can take on many forms. You might not be able to grow your revenue year after year, or you feel that the work you do doesn’t...

Jun 23, 2020

This week I should have been in Iceland to host the Selfmade Summit. Instead, I hosted the 5-day online course “How to Succeed in the Next Normal in Online Business”. 

Over a whole week, the speakers from the Selfmade Summit and some special guests joined me to share how the last three months have changed their...

Jun 17, 2020

Are you on the fence about starting your online business? Even if you know you need to? 


Online is here to stay - we all know it. Having an online business is more important than ever in times when everything is uncertain and another lockdown could happen at any moment. 


I hear many women who want to go online, yet...

Jun 10, 2020

We’ve all been there: You just published your blog post or put live your latest podcast episode and sent out an email to your whole list, letting them know about the amazing content you’ve prepared. The response? Crickets. 

Bobby Klinck knows that kind of deafening silence all too well. He graduated from Harvard...