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Jul 24, 2019

I was a child when I knew that I was meant to stand on stage and inspire others. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have stood in front of hundreds of people - and even gave a TEDx talk - in the hopes of pursuing my childhood dream. Now, this dream led me to go to places I have never been and meet interesting people that have touched my life one way or another.  This same dream will bring me in front of thousands of people as I prepare for the largest conference for female online entrepreneurs - the Selfmade Summit 2020.


Today, I share why I’m hosting this much-anticipated conference. I dive into the journey that led me to choose the venue, event concept, and even the historical significance of our chosen conference dates. I also share when the registration is officially opening as well as how you can support and be part of this momentous event.

“This event had to be about equality and entrepreneurship.” - Sigrun

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:


  • The turning point that led me to follow my passion for inspiring others
  • The journey of choosing the conference venue
  • Magical experiences and national holidays waiting for conference participants
  • Why I changed the event name from Women Entrepreneurship Forum to Selfmade Summit
  • Who the event is for and activities to expect at the conference
  • Additional teams and workforce we had to hire to help with the event preparation and operation


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