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Aug 12, 2020

Does launching sound scary to you? You might lack launching experience, are worried about sign ups or don’t know how to reach a good conversion rate, but remember: Everyone starts from zero and the more you launch (and are willing to learn from mistakes), the better your launches will get. 


When Hildur Jonsdottir joined SOMBA, she had no idea how to launch. As a health counsellor who works with people who have autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses, she already had a lot of experience with one-on-one clients and was preparing to sell her services through online courses. 


Two years later, she has launched almost every 2-3 months and has had very successful launches with conversion rates ranging from 10-18%. In her latest launch, she was able to double the number of sign ups and made $35K. 


In this episode of the Sigrun Show, she shares the launch method she discovered works for her business, how she manages her webinars, what she does in her Facebook group to keep her audience’s attention, and what she plans on doing to increase her conversion rates even more. 


If you're in launch modus yourself or are looking for some inspiration around launching, this episode is a must-listen!


“I’m so spoilt with my high conversion rates, I never needed to change my launch method - yet.”- Hildur Jonsdottir


What you will get out of this episode: 


  • Hildur’s favourite launch method (7:15) 
  • What Hildur did to get media attention (9:30)
  • The sign-ups and show up rates Hildur gets for her webinars (14:00)
  • What makes people to sign up for Hildur’s webinars (19:15)
  • How Hildur manages her webinars (23:30)
  • How Hildur’s sales are distributed over her open cart period (24:55)
  • What Hildur does in her Facebook group during a launch (27:30)
  • How Hildur explains her conversion rates (31:30)
  • The revenue of Hildur’s latest launch (38:55) 
  • How Hildur plans to improve her launches (00:00) 





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Activities to Keep Your Audience’s Attention Up During Your Launch 


Sending out regular emails and reminders is essential to keeping the attention of your audience during your launch. However, being active in your Facebook group is another good way to make sure your message reaches people who are already interested in what you’re offering. 


Here is a list with activities you can post into your Facebook group during your launch: 


  • Testimonials from previous clients (these can either be quotes or screenshots from comments you have received) 
  • Interviews with (former) clients, speaking about their achievements and experiences they had working with you
  • Snippets of individual success stories
  • A Q&A where you answer all burning questions in regards to your offer
  • Encourage people to join your Facebook group and share their stories 
  • Allow members to share their own stories through a Facebook live directly into the group

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