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Aug 31, 2017

Launching is one of the best ways to sell an online program. Not only does it create buzz, excitement, and a sense of urgency for your new program, the effects of a successful launch can last for a while - even beyond your launch.


In 2014, I had my first proper online program launch. In this episode, I share the top 20 lessons I learned from my $280K launch, including how to overcome the fear of not selling your program and strategies to grow and nurture your audience.


“Launching needs to be learned and mastered.” - Sigrun


In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • What’s “proper launch?”
  • The importance of over-delivering on your promise
  • Listening to and growing with your audience and clients
  • Improving your products and services for your clients
  • How conversion rates are calculated and what are good rates
  • Creating a funnel that attracts the right people
  • The importance of creating a launch strategy
  • How to overcome the fear of launching
  • Testing your offers
  • Setting realistic and aspirational goals
  • Planning and mapping out your launch while remaining adaptable to change
  • Follow-through strategies
  • Sending one or two more emails than you’re comfortable with
  • Getting clear on who your ideal client
  • Spending time on your sales page
  • The benefits of offering live Q&A calls
  • Segmenting your launch list
  • How asking your audience why they didn’t sign up can help you improve your messaging and launch strategy
  • The importance of taking time to build trust before asking for a sale
  • Why you should have a shorter launch window


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